Hello Comic Collectors and Fans of the Industry!

My name is Rob, and I was previously affiliated with Torpedo Comics until a freak accident turned me into a self-employed comic dealer with my own business....

After pacing the hallway for several days over what path to take and for a name and a theme, I decided to model my business after my favorite book, Detective Comics #168, the Origin and First Appearance of the Joker as The Red Hood! The second most-important Joker book in existence only to his First Appearance in Batman #1, with cover art by Lew Schwartz and story by Bill Finger, the Joker's removal of his Red Hood helmet on page 13 to realize who and what he had become and to find this madness hysterical simply left me in love with this book long ago and found that the theme has applied very well to different aspects of my new venture.

Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, this comic book business will focus on shows and conventions, while building and arming the best comic-selling web site and maintaining an eBay store of the same name! I have had much support from fellow dealers, mentors, and my relationships with so many in this business that have become friends over the years and customers too, just the same, that it feels the universe has pushed me in this direction and I am consistently finding new excitement in this business.

Thank you for reading, thank you for browsing the site and I very much look forward to seeing and meeting more and more people with every show all while learning new things every day in this industry, STILL.

Thank YOU.

🖤 Rob